Our Russian Movement teacher likes to remind us whilst holding what is an attempt at a split for 5 minutes. 

3 weeks into drama school and I feel so wonderful. I feel more confident and excited than I have done in 3 years. I feel alive and awake and like my past is at last just that, and I am still a good person, talented and unique. My fears and self judgements are not. Everyone does it regardless "I've no experience" "the teacher slated me" " I don't know what I'm doing". Or in my case I know what I'm doing just scarred by an industry that can tear you apart for being yourself and theres no one to argue with about it except yourself. I finally feel liberated of my self doubts. I believe I will be better than what I am and I deserve my place at central to try and achieve that.

I'm waffling.

That's all us artists do.

Because that's what and who we are and I personally will never try to convince myself otherwise, ever again.

I will be waffling for the rest of my life.

On a more practical note, 3 weeks has involved some of the following:
Playing with a shoe
Kissing knees
Dirty dancing lifts
Living sculptures
Double rums
Shakespeare ignited
Becoming tobacco

I'll let you make of that what you will


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