The intensive finished and we are coming into the fourth week of classes. Briefly, we have been learning mask, storytelling, Stanislavski, Chekhov, cultural materialism, period dance, stage combat alongside our regular voice and movement classes.

The classes are demanding and thought provoking. The teachers are world class, inspiring and constantly excited about their topic. And not just the teachers but my 14 fellow students. I have felt so inspired by each of them on different days and in different ways. We support and nuture each other, we are truly starting to feel like an ensemble. "you are only as strong as your weakest person". This rings true and is always a reminder it is not about just "I".

I have cried once or twice and failed on an almost daily basis. This is the best thing about Central. They encourage you to risk and work to your boundaries then surpass them. Trip and miss them everyday but keep pushing, keep failing aka discovering, every day. In and out of class. Its an exploration I hope to keep with me all through the year and beyond.

Unlike a BA Acting course here, part of the MA Acting course includes being able to work alone and the ability to manage your time and use of it outside of class. This includes organising your own rehearsals, reading (there is so much to read!) and beginning to create your own daily vocal and physical practices. This structure of the course I really enjoy and personally it helps me to work in a self motivated and driven mode. Not everything is handed to you ever! Im writing this so any people considering applying,understand the difference between the two courses. The MA is designed to enhance and teach those who are ready to work on their own initiative and who have either already a degree in performing or relevant experience. This course does to an extent hold your hand and does push you. But the teachers will only be able to push you and demand more from you if you are ready and willing to demand more from yourself.



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