This week has been our reading week . So we have a week off before the start of rehearsals on Monday  - to read - and generally sleep. And get a bit of distance from the school which has been our lives non stop for 7 weeks. I have been reading a bit, learning lines and trying to find some pieces for the Showcase in May. Its a big deal in the school. It makes me laugh when I think of the showcase I did at Uni, where we had about 2 rehearsals and could do any piece, for no more than 5 minutes. Here it is strict! But I suppose they will possibly get a lot of attention so they need to be.  

Anyway! I have also just finished a brilliant book 'The Body Speaks'- 
"The discomfort of not knowing links to the fear of getting it wrong.  As a performer, it is vital to work from a place of not knowing - almost from a sense of discomfort, where you choose to wait for an impulse to arise rather than quickly coming up with an easy response. This is what it means to 'take risks'."

Made me think about reading lists - things i have read so far this year and things I wish I would have read before coming. They do send you a reading list but it is long and expensive and so these are the ones I think are worth investing in and reading prior if possible. Or if you're just interested in some actor literature!:
  • Stanislavsky - An Actors Work (Jean Benedetti) - It has been contemporarily translated to a more simple and concise version in one volume, as opposed to the 3 volumes previously popular.
  • The Body Speaks - Lorna Marshall
  • The Right to Speak - Patsy Rodenburg
  • The Moving Body - Jacques Lecoq
  • 1599 - James Shapiro
  • Playing Shakespeare - John Barton
  • The Actor and The Target - Declan Donnellan
  • Chekhov - complete works - Michael Frayn Version
  • W. Shakespeare - One comedy/ history/ tragedy



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