Rehearsing for this production has been the biggest learning curve of my creative life so far. I don't know how to summarise it into what we have done and what we do etc. So thought I would just share some of the stuff I have written in my journal so far which have helped me reflect and develop.  A lot of it doesn't make 'sense' but Ive learnt its not my job to make sense of the work for the audience. Ill trust that you'll understand what you do and that will mean something to you:

Trust that all the answers can be found in the other person on stage who you are playing with. Play action - choose bold actions - simple actions - actions which help you make the text yours. Do not play emotions.  Why does your character get emotional? Do not try to make sense for the audience. That is not your job. Know your lines better and better. Focus your energy. Be brighter. Don't play suppression. You are only as strong as your weakest person. Physical space becomes syntax. Immerse yourself in the world and time of the text and the characters. Don't let the accent become generic or play the accent the accent should be real as it was to those people. Take your work seriously. Don't take yourself too seriously. Re-read the play. Bring more sooner. Don't put your stink onto the text, the text has its own musicality its is your duty to get on board. Run your warm ups. Recognise tension and enjoy the choice of physical tensions.  Don't sell yourself short, the moment you expect less from yourself is the moment you become average. Why do you think you need to work any less than a ballet dancer or an opera singer? Don't let yourself off the hook.

I am excited about this production and being a part of it. I am also excited by the work I am seeing my class mates do each day. It made me realise how good they are and how I am a part of that good and exciting work. What will I do 


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