Sorry it has been a while since I have written (that's mainly for my Dad who lives 300 miles away always reads these!). I have been busy, as I'm sure we all are busy.

First things first, we did our Showcase at the start of the month. This is a chance to perform a 4 minute duologue inform of an invited audience of industry, casting directors and agents. They will then hopefully take some of your head shots or CVs after being blown away bu your performance. Or an agent may offer you a meeting or some representation. We had a lot of casting directors but not so many agents. I have a handful of CVs and headshots taken which I was happy with, as if out of that handful of 6 or 7 taken you only need one of those people to have really liked you and be really good and so surley later on they will call me and offer me an amazing audition which is going to change my life and get me a part in Hollywood!

Or not.

But here is to hoping something good will come of it. I chose a piece from the play 'Betrayal' by Harold Pinter. If you haven't read it - go do that, its great. The process was great, and informative and the group did extremely well overall. 

Following this we are all now back in class, working with the MA Writing for Stage and Screen students on short scenes and plays which will be improvised and publicly performed. We will also continue running for Anna (movement = blisters extraordinaire), voice class (creating a radio type performance of characters totally different from ourselves). Finally on top of those classes we are doing some more Stanislavsky and preparing two scenes. One is for the casting director of the RSC, who will be coming in to do a scene day with us. And the other is for Michael Grandage, who will be doing the same thing. These are amazing opportunities and another reason why Central is a dream come true place to train. 

Finally I have been going to the gym and working weekends to pay rent. I am busy and tired. MA full time is haaaaaaaaaaaaaard. We have also had to do some sit ins on auditions (first round and recalls) for next years prospective students - open days too. My advice if you're auditioning this year.
  • Know your scene, but not too over rehearsed, so you can be free to change it up. Know the play - rehearse a 20 line summary of it and the scene.
  • Take direction as best you can.
  • Don't worry about what anyone is looking at or thinking, because you'll be wrong on both counts. 
  • Do whatever you're asked to do at 100%, even if it sounds weird or not relevant. 
  • Have fun, be yourself, be creative. 
  • Pick a monologue that is funny! 
  • Choose a strong piece of Shakespeare - that is short!!!! 
  • Aim for 60- 90 seconds. Think as though - the longer you are speaking the more time they have to decide what is bad about your performance. 
  • Don't be intimidated by anyone else. 
  • Ask questions 
  • Listen listen listen to what you a re directed  
  • Oh and ask yourself - what will they be doing for me? Why should I come here? - not - please will you like me and  take me here. Its your money, make sure they deserve it. Good Luck!



27/02/2014 18:14

Hi, I've really enjoyed reading this blog. I was wondering if you can remember after your first audition at central for the MA, how son after did you hear about a recall.

Many Thanks

27/02/2014 20:37

Hi Randall

thanks for the comment I think I heard on both accounts within 5 days. Good luck!



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