Three weeks in Paris with only nerves to entertain us can be summed up like this (Comme ça): Wine. 

I joke! It's more like this: Metro, wine, metro, dogs (we live with three daschunds) wine, tuileries, metro, montmartre, wine, notre dame, metro, wine, cats (and two cats), wine, read read read, be nervous be nervous drink bottle of whiskey. sunshine, coffee. wine wine bulgarian artisit (and a bulgarian artist). At some point there were also encounters with a french scientist, a dutch stock broker, many lovely parisians, many snooty parisians and a rude restauranteur called Paco. 

We have also been familiarising ourselves with French learning more every day, and meeting people who we will shortly be starting Lecoq with.  This last time resulted in a trip down a duel carriageway to an abandoned warehouse in Bagnolet just outside of Paris, for an evening of cheap wine, clown-cabaret, and hovering over the 'toilette'. 

I am feeling nervous, and itching to start school - my head is already full of ideas and I haven't even started! I have started writing down one in particular which could be potentially developed with Hot Salt Theatre in the future after all the learnin's diggedydun. This is something I am VERY excited about :)

I will post my thoughts next monday after our first day- I have a feeling they are going to MURDER us in the first week. Bring it on, I'm ready.

2/10/2012 04:33:29 am

Sounds incredible so far. Needs more wine though! Excited to hear about a new play too x

Mike Woodhead
2/10/2012 08:07:54 am

Tres jealous. Bon chance next week luvvies xx


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