Dangerous, aren't they, blogs...well it seems that way to me this is my first.  You're never sure how much honesty is acceptable.  One minute I'm introducing myself, the next I'm describing the exact shape and colour of my last poo.  So I'll start from the recent beginning. And try to omit any obscene descriptions.
Jobbing-actor - the thing so many of us want to be, the thing so close, so easy yet slippery and shady as a cave when the tides up, this is what I started to chase after (my first) drama school.  You go out into the world (well..Manchester) and you don't know anyone and you have your new headshots and drama school performances on your CV and Stanislavski, actioning, equity and spotlight is all you need to know.  Soon the mystery will be revealed.  Three years later you know everyone and you have actual work on your CV and you've had new headshots.  You've been in front of casting directors and been through the pushing and pulling of agents which when and where. 
Hot Salt theatre grew out of the mist at some point, and we have now three pieces under our belt.  I realised a while ago that jobbing actor whilst still an attractive thing actually isn't what I want the most.  It has, in fact, been dwarfed by my need to make my own work, make beautiful viceral original theatre that moves excites and amuses people, stays with and even changes people. Work influenced by iconoclastic and challenging companies such as Theatre Ad Infinitum and Gecko.  That allows me to work in a company of people with the same vision, that also allows me to employ myself!
This is why in September I am off to Paris to study at Jacques Lecoq - something I have dreamt about for years.  Something which again felt unobtainable - but it came to the 'Fuck it' point and I applied and now I am doing it.  I know the training will be long, challenging and eventful, much of which I will be documenting on this blog for anyone who is interested..so keep tuned.  (And wish me Bon Chance.)

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