Wow. Sorry, sorry, sorry. It has been a life time since I wrote last...And it is not like you could just read over my old posts to still feel connected to me because someone *ahem Ellie* deleted them by accident. I forgive her, let's move on. 
I am sure you all realise the reason I have not blogged in a while, was my homeless situation. Yes on boxing day 2012 we were made homeless and only on 27th January 2013 did we move into new digs. Needless to say it has been a tad stressful and a bit distracting. But alas 'tis over now and we have a new base, we can see all of our clothes again and the top of the Eiffel Tower from our 6th floor south facing balcony! Things happen for a reason...
So school.....
It feels like we have moved just about everything, following Lecoq's famous words "Tout bouge" (everything moves) but we have not yet moved everything, because everything is well....everything. So a lot. 
I LOVE MOVING and so find it frustrating when parts of my body won't move where I want them to. I want my head to turn all the way round, like an owl. I want to be able to scratch my ear with my foot, and no matter how hard I try it won't. quite. do it. That is because I am not a dog or an owl, and so we search for the alternative, the illusion we can create. And it works, we always find a solution that looks and feels right, that people believe. I can't be oil in a bottle and pour out slowly into a pan and move around the pan and then start to sizzle when the heat is turned on, but I can create the illusion of that. IT IS AMAZING WHAT OUR BODIES CAN DO.
Each week is layered on top of the other, with the week before we can not have this week, and without this week we cannot have the next. Each trimester lays foundations for another. 
If in my first week the teacher had said to me  "here is a Monet's Water Lilies...Comment ca bouge?" I would have returned them with a blank look and then frantically forced my body to emulate that painting. But now after 14 weeks at Lecoq I feel like I could move anything. 
I have a lot of respect for my teachers, they really know their shit. You do something and they say what about a) b) and c) and you go "ohhh yeah!" It is so obvious once they have said it and yet we are still not acute enough to sense it....getting there though, getting better not only as a performer but as a director and writer. In Autocours you need to be able to sense, feel, and see if it is working so cannot just take on the role of actor you need to be manager, sound designer....
This is our first week of animals, then we move onto Larval masks. 


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